Present continuous

Present continuous - part 1


I am doing


  1. Doing sth now, action is not finished - now

 I am driving to work.


  1. Started doing sth, not finished yet. – now

I am taking a shower.


  1. Started doing sth, not finished yet. – not necessarily now

      I am reading a really good book at the moment.


  1. Today, this week, this year, etc.

It’s raining today.                                         Not-it rains today!


  1. Plans and arrangements

I am leaving tomorrow. I’ve got my plane ticket.


  1. Get, change, become, increase, rise, fall, grow, improve, begin, start
Your English is getting better.                             Not-Your English gets better!

Present continuous - part 2



to be + verb-ing


to work, to read, to eat, to sleep, to rain, to walk, to watch, to stand


I am                                 working

We are                       walking

You are                            reading

You are                      watching

She is                                eating

They are                    standing

He is                                 sleeping


It is                                   raining



2. Negative:


To be not + verb-ing


I am not working…                    You are not reading…



3. Questions


Am I working…?      Are you reading…?


Exercise 1. Translate

Czytam książkę.


Oglądam telewizję.


Ona śpi ?


On je kolację?


Oni pracują?


Nie pada.


Nie słuchasz.






Who is it?


What are you doing?


Where are you going?

What time

What time are we meeting?

How long

How long are you going for?

How much

How much are you paying?


When are they having dinner?


Which castle is she visiting?



Exercise 2. Translate

 Gdzie jedziemy?


O której się spotykamy?


Gdzie idziemy na lunch?


Kto to jest?


Który samochód kupujesz?


O której kończysz pracę?



Reading -  present continuous


Tracy: Hello, can I speak to Alex.
Alex: This is Alex, who is speaking?
Tracy: Hi, this is Tracy.
Alex: Hi Tracy. What are you doing?
Tracy: Oh, I'm just watching TV. What are you doing?
Alex: Well, I'm cooking dinner.
Tracy: What are you cooking?
Alex: I'm baking some potatoes, boiling some carrots and grilling a steak.
Tracy: It sounds delicious.
Alex: What are you doing for dinner tonight?
Tracy: Well, I don't have any plans...
Alex: Would you like to come over for dinner?
Tracy: Oh, I'd love to. Thanks.
Alex: Great. Mary and Jack are also coming. They are arriving at seven.
Tracy: OK, I'll be there at seven, too.
Alex: OK, see you then. Bye.
Tracy: Bye.





Who is speaking on the phone?


Who is Tracy speaking to?


What is Tracy doing?


What is Alex doing?


Is Alex cooking chicken?


Is Tracy coming over for diner?


Who else is also coming?


What time is Tracy coming?