Present continuous/present simple

Present continuous


I am doing


  1. doing sth now, action is not finished - now

 I am driving to work.


  1. Started doing sth, not finished yet. – now

I am taking a shower.


  1. Started doing sth, not finished yet. – not necessarily now

      I am reading a really good book at the moment.


  1. Today, this week, this year, etc.

It’s raining today.          Not-it rains today!


  1. Plans and arrangements

I am leaving tomorrow. I’ve got my plane ticket.


  1. Get, change, become, increase, rise, fall, grow, improve, begin, start

Your English is getting better. Not-Your English gets better!


Present simple


I do


  1. General use

Ann plays tennis. I work in a bank.     Remember! I work         but      she works

                                                                                Do you…?     but    Does she…?


  1. Use do/does to make questions

 Do you work?


  1. Do as a main verb

What do you do?


  1. to express how often

Ann plays tennis every morning.


  1. Timetables

My train leaves at 6.30.


  1. promise, suggest, apologise, advise, insist, agree, refuse, etc.

I promise I will not be late. Not – I am promising.