Present simple

Present simple


I do

         1. General use

Ann plays tennis. I work in a bank.                     Remember! I work         but      she works

                                                                                                  Do you…?     but    Does she…?

     2. Use do/does to make questions

 Do you work?

3. Do as a main verb

What do you do?

4. To express how often

Ann plays tennis every morning.


      5. Timetables

My train leaves at 6.30.


      6. promise, suggest, apologise, advise, insist, agree, refuse, etc.

I promise I will not be late.                  Not – I am promising.



Normally don’t use present continuous with:

Like, love, hate, want, need, prefer

Know, realise, suppose, mean, understand, believe, remember,

Belong, fit, contain, consist, seem

     I want…                                           Not – I’m wanting…




Think = believe, have an opinion

What do you think about this car?




Think = consider   OK!

Nicky is thinking of going to college. She often thinks about it.



be  or  being

He is selfish. (generally, always)

He is being selfish. (now, usually he’s not like this)



It’s hot today. Sarah is tired.


Present simple with:

See, hear, smell, taste

This room smells. Let’s open a window.


Both with:

Look, feel  

You look well today. Or You’re looking well today. OK!


But: I usually feel tired in the morning.